Deluca Project #6

A lot has happened since our last update! We are in the final stages of this great project. The exterior finishing touches are going on  along with all the curbs, sidewalks, & parking lot being prepped and poured.

The main warehouse is now complete and all the coolers and equipment are starting to be installed and placed. We used a combination of metal and TrussCore. The coffee manufacturing room is studded out completely with metal studs and covered fully with TrussCore to make it Food Grade Compatible.

All of the Allweather Apex Alloy Heat smart 6 windows have been installed  along with all the aluminum entrance door. By going with the heat smart 6 it will eliminate almost all of the uv rays keeping the cooling system down and make it more energy efficient.

The office pan deck floor has been installed and the concrete has been poured over top for the office area. The stud walls are being erected and the offices & staff room are starting to take shape.



Deluca Project #5

The crews have been very busy since the last update. The last of the 50’3″ ICF fire wall had been poured and the steel beams and columns placed and ready for roof trusses.

We started off with installing Flat Top trusses that are 8’6″ high x 70′ long.The crews pre-built the sections on the ground and we craned them into place. Once the flat tops were installed the Mono truss were placed on top of the flat top. The 13′ high at the peak Mono Truss will give the slope of the roof towards the back. The front retail area is also getting all the Flat Top trusses installed.

While two of the crews where working on the trusses one crew was starting to wrap the Tyvek House wrap for weather proofing. We added and extra layer of 4×8-1″ plastispan insulation to the exterior before wrapping with the house wrap for added R value. The total R value for the walls on this building will be a R27 as per building code.



Deluca Project update #4

With this great weather we are having this week the guys are hard at with the final few pours on the fire wall. Yesterday was a quick hour & half pour into 8ft of the Plasti Fab ICF wall.

We will have 16ft left on the fire wall to set up and pour then the concrete work for walls will be complete. Once the walls have all been completed our next step is to start installing all the roof trusses.

Deluca Project update #3

Things are really taking shape on the Deluca Project. The loading ramps have just been set up and poured this week and the final stages of the ICF walls have been all poured. The front retail area is 140′ wide by 59′ long by 38′ high and the rest of the warehouse walls are 174′ long by 140′ wide by  28’6″ high. This has been the biggest fully IFC building that Plasti-Fab  has supplied in Manitoba to date.

The All Weather window package has also arrived. The Deluca’s are going with the All Weather Apex Alloy Heat Smart 6 windows. By going with these windows they will benefit from:

  • Maintenance-free interior
  • Sleek and elegant exterior
  • Superior strength and durability
  • First-rate leak-free technology

Next up for the crews will be setting the steel beams & columns and then the roof trusses by All-Fab.


deluca 3gdeluca 3adeluca 3bdeluca 3cdeluca 3ddeluca 3edeluca 3f

Deluca project update

Here are a few drone shots we got for the Deluca project. We are up to the final stages of pouring the walls. Another 7 course of IFC blocks are set and going to be poured this week.

As you can see the amount of scaffolding needed for this project is huge! The whole perimeter is set up with safety scaffolding. Aside for safety aspect it is being used to ensure that the walls stay straight and true.

The crews will be also making the first of 3 slab pours this week. The first area will be roughly 10000 sqft which is on top of the PlastiFab 4×8-2″ sheets of plastispan 25 insulation with 1/2″ in floor heat pipe under the insulation.

drone shot 1drone shot 2drone shot 3drone shot 4deluca floor pour 1deluca floor pour 1cdeluca floor pour 1bdeluca floor pour 1d

The Deluca Project update

The crews have been busy setting up the 24’x104′ pad area for the storage freezer at the Deluca warehouse.

This pad is complete with in floor heat and 4″ Plastfab 4×8-4″ Plastispan 25 insulation on top of the heat pipe. A 6″ slab of concrete was poured over the whole area.


Infloor heat pipe layoutInfloor heat pipe layoutInfloor heat pipe layout24x104 slab pour

New Deluca’s Project Under Way!

Construction has begun on the new home of Deluca’s Specialty Foods Cooking School and Restaurant! The 46,000 soft warehouse and distribution centre will be built with 89 13m/12″dia piles and 28ft IFC exterior walls being poured in 3 stages.

The interior fire separation wall will be 55ft high with concrete floor and infloor heat throughout. The windows will be Allweather apex alloy with heath smart 6.

Keep following us on this exciting project!

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