Deluca project update

Here are a few drone shots we got for the Deluca project. We are up to the final stages of pouring the walls. Another 7 course of IFC blocks are set and going to be poured this week.

As you can see the amount of scaffolding needed for this project is huge! The whole perimeter is set up with safety scaffolding. Aside for safety aspect it is being used to ensure that the walls stay straight and true.

The crews will be also making the first of 3 slab pours this week. The first area will be roughly 10000 sqft which is on top of the PlastiFab 4×8-2″ sheets of plastispan 25 insulation with 1/2″ in floor heat pipe under the insulation.

drone shot 1drone shot 2drone shot 3drone shot 4deluca floor pour 1deluca floor pour 1cdeluca floor pour 1bdeluca floor pour 1d