Deluca Project update #3

Things are really taking shape on the Deluca Project. The loading ramps have just been set up and poured this week and the final stages of the ICF walls have been all poured. The front retail area is 140′ wide by 59′ long by 38′ high and the rest of the warehouse walls are 174′ long by 140′ wide by  28’6″ high. This has been the biggest fully IFC building that Plasti-Fab  has supplied in Manitoba to date.

The All Weather window package has also arrived. The Deluca’s are going with the All Weather Apex Alloy Heat Smart 6 windows. By going with these windows they will benefit from:

  • Maintenance-free interior
  • Sleek and elegant exterior
  • Superior strength and durability
  • First-rate leak-free technology

Next up for the crews will be setting the steel beams & columns and then the roof trusses by All-Fab.


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How to spray foam your windows

With the winter months coming, now is the best time to check to make sure you have the proper insulation and seal on your windows!

With Dow Great stuff window & door products it is a very simple and cost-effective way of adding extra insulation and making sure you have a proper air seal.

If your home was built prior to 2000 chances are all you would have right now is batt insulation stuffed into the gap. This at the time did serve the purpose but never really did give you a proper air seal.

Here is a good little video from our You Tube channel showing how to properly apply the spray foam.