Deluca Project #6

A lot has happened since our last update! We are in the final stages of this great project. The exterior finishing touches are going on  along with all the curbs, sidewalks, & parking lot being prepped and poured.

The main warehouse is now complete and all the coolers and equipment are starting to be installed and placed. We used a combination of metal and TrussCore. The coffee manufacturing room is studded out completely with metal studs and covered fully with TrussCore to make it Food Grade Compatible.

All of the Allweather Apex Alloy Heat smart 6 windows have been installed  along with all the aluminum entrance door. By going with the heat smart 6 it will eliminate almost all of the uv rays keeping the cooling system down and make it more energy efficient.

The office pan deck floor has been installed and the concrete has been poured over top for the office area. The stud walls are being erected and the offices & staff room are starting to take shape.



Deluca Project update #4

With this great weather we are having this week the guys are hard at with the final few pours on the fire wall. Yesterday was a quick hour & half pour into 8ft of the Plasti Fab ICF wall.

We will have 16ft left on the fire wall to set up and pour then the concrete work for walls will be complete. Once the walls have all been completed our next step is to start installing all the roof trusses.