Fred’s 35th Year!

35 years ago it all began!

Hard to believe that is has been this long since we are all so young still!
Fred is celebrating his 35th year at Morris Build All Centre

It all started in the spring of 83 when he was asked to be the Morris store manager by the parent company Rosenort Building Centre.

After 5 yrs Fred became 1 of the 5 main partners in the operation. During the winter of 90/91 only 3 remained and went on to become Rosenort Building Centre & Morris Build All Centre.

In January of 1999 Fred became the sole owner of it all and hasn’t looked back ever since.
He built a new store and moved in on September of 2004, which we are in currently today.
35 yrs later he is still working as hard as he did at day 1!










2 thoughts on “Fred’s 35th Year!

  1. Mike Stevens Reply

    I just read your wonderful words of hard work and success!! Your contributions to the municipality are enormous. I am proud to be your friend and one of your many appreciative suppliers. Congratulations Fred and Heather. Thank you so much for all you do.

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